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Couverture Chocolate in Confectionery: A Guide for Craft Chocolate Makers

Couverture Chocolate in Confectionery: A Guide for Craft Chocolate Makers

Hey, chocolate lovers and crafters! Ever wondered what makes artisanal chocolates so irresistibly good? The secret lies in the heart of chocolate making – the couverture. This isn't just about melting chocolate; it's an art form! In this blog, we will deeply dive into the world of chocolate couverture and how you can use it to create handcrafted and artisan chocolate confections that are not just delicious but stunning.

 Are you ready to elevate your handcrafted and artisan chocolate confectionery to the next level? Let's take a journey through our chocolate couvertures portfolio.


Couverture chocolate is a premium-quality chocolate renowned for its high cocoa butter content, ranging between 32-39%. This extra cocoa butter and a delicate grinding process impart a glossy finish, deep flavor, and a satisfying 'snap' when broken or bitten. Unlike regular chocolate, couverture chocolate is the go-to choice for professional chocolatiers and pastry chefs due to its superior melting, tempering, and shining qualities​.

High-end couverture chocolate must have the same essential components: cocoa butter and cocoa mass. Other ingredients may include:

  • Sugar
  • Vanilla
  • Emulsifier
  • Milk powder (only if you're making a milk chocolate product).


Quality is key! Our chocolate ingredients guarantee a unique flavor given by the pureness of its origins. We carefully selected beans from different Cacao Fino de Aroma growing regions. Its flavor reflects not only the cocoa variety but also the richness of the soil and the growing culture of its territories.

If you're looking for professionally made chocolate perfect for melting, folding, or chopping, look no further than our chocolate ingredients. 


Milk chocolate, loved globally for its creamy, mellow flavor, is made by blending cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and milk as powder, liquid, or condensed. This milk addition gives the chocolate its smooth texture and luscious taste, making it a favorite for countless confectionery applications.

The use of the term "milk chocolate" requires a total cocoa solids content of at least 30%, a non-fat cocoa solids content of at least 2.5%, a milk solids content of 18%, a milk fat content of at least 4.5% and a total fat content of at least 25%.

The secret of Luker Chocolate lies in using Fine-Flavor Cocoa, known for its superior quality and depth of taste. With a higher cocoa percentage, our milk chocolate couvertures unveil exquisite and nuanced flavors that dance on your customers' palates. This luxurious blend enhances milk chocolate's creamy texture and brings a more intense and fruitful taste experience. 


Our milk chocolate is crafted using not just any cocoa but high-quality cocoa, ensuring a perfectly balanced taste profile that stands out, providing a base that's both delightful on its own and versatile in combination with other ingredients.

Our milk chocolate range is perfect for different type of applications ranging from moulding and enrobing to ganaches, decorative figures and more.

Milk chocolate couvertures applications


For chocolate to be designated as "dark," the proportion of total cocoa solids must be at least 47%, the ratio of non-fat cocoa solids must be 16%, and the proportion of cocoa butter must be at least 31%.

Explore the rich and varied world of our dark chocolate couvertures. Each type is a carefully crafted blend of cocoa percentage, texture, and unique flavor notes based on its origin. Our chocolate formulations are designed with chocolatiers in mind, balancing ease of use with unique flavors. We prioritize ethical sourcing and sustainability, offering a range of options that melt smoothly in the mouth.

For those who appreciate the subtle nuances of chocolate, from roasting to cocoa butter content, our selection of dark chocolate couvertures promises authenticity and distinction in every bite.


Our dark chocolate couverture is distinguished by its use of Fine Flavour Cocoa, setting it apart in taste, aroma, and quality. The enhanced cocoa butter content ensures a premium finish in every creation.

To highlight within our dark chocolate line, we have a portfolio dedicated to chocolates of origin that show the unique characteristics of the territory where the cocoa comes from. It's perfect for a wide range of applications such as enrobing, moulding, filling, decorating, and use in deserts.


Dark chocolate applications


The white chocolate designation requires that the proportion of cocoa butter is at least 20%, milk fat is at least 3.5%, and milk solids are at least 14%.

White chocolate is a delectable blend primarily made from cocoa butter, sugar, and milk solids. Unlike its dark and milk counterparts, it doesn't contain cocoa solids, giving it a pale ivory hue and a smooth, creamy texture.

Our white chocolate couvertures stand out because we use high-quality cocoa butter. This makes our chocolate exceptionally smooth and gives it a rich, balanced flavor. It's perfect for professionals looking for reliable and delicious chocolate.


Our white chocolate stands out with its purity and richness, crafted predominantly from high-quality cocoa butter, ensuring a silky texture. It's the perfect canvas for your confectionery creations, complemented by the finest milk solids and a touch of sugar.

white chocolate couvertures applications


The path to mastering chocolate making is one of continuous learning and passion. Premium couverture is more than just an ingredient; it's the foundation upon which artisanal chocolatiers build their craft. By choosing high-quality couverture, they're not just making chocolate—they're creating an experience, a piece of art that delights and inspires.

We invite you to explore our curated selection of premium chocolate couverture. Experience the difference that quality ingredients can make in your chocolate creations. Start your journey to chocolate mastery with us today.

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