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About Luker Chocolate


Creating the finest flavour cocoa since 1906, Luker is a family-owned, Colombian company that has developed an in-depth knowledge and love of all things chocolate. We work across the whole value chain from educating farmers and cultivating refined flavour cocoa on our own farms to creating the tastiest chocolate with our in-house experts. Everything Luker does is driven by our passion to transform people’s lives and livelihoods for the better, to protect and enhance the world we live in and, of course, to help companies and brands around the world make delicious and impactful chocolate products.


At Luker, we pride ourselves of being true experts in cocoa production. All our cocoa is recognized with the coveted Fino De Aroma Classification with flavour profiles matched by only 8% of the worlds’ cocoa growers. With each region producing enticingly unique flavour notes this is single origin cocoa at its finest. The unique flavour profile begins with the seed which is nurtured by the climate, the composition of the soil, the region it’s grown in and how the farmer works the land and his crop. It continues with the love and care put into the drying, roasting and conching process of the beans which our R&D experts have perfected over the years. No corners are cut, no expense is spared, quality is the name of the game. Fruity, nutty and rich with the perfect hint of acidity and a luxurious melt. Every step of production from bean to bar is lovingly cared for, expertly crafted and carried out with the farmers, their communities and the environment in mind, adding tangible value at origin.

THE CHOCOLATE DREAM- #BeyondSustainability

"By buying Luker Chocolate, you are supporting a plan of sustainable development for the cocoa territories in Colombia".

Colombia has been embroiled in 50 years of conflict with rural communities being the worst affected. This has led to 63% living in extreme poverty, 45% of young people being unemployed and a whopping 86% with unmet basic needs such as access to clean drinking water. Thankfully, through The Chocolate Dream and vision of a better Colombia all this is changing. By buying Luker Chocolate you are already an integral part of The Chocolate Dream, the aim of which is to add true value at origin through improving farmer income, strengthening the social wellbeing of local communities and maintaining an environmental balance in cocoa growing communities. Luker work alongside partners to fund and carry out life changing projects such as building classrooms to improve access to education, running training programmes in entrepreneurship, creating access to safe drinking water in villages and promoting environmental awareness to generate more sustainable communities.