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43% Oat Milk Chocolate | Choco Oat M!lk


Plant-Based Chocolate Couverture

Blend the wonderful flavour of our fine chocolates crafted at origin with all the benefits of oat.

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  • Plant-based, Non-Gmo, OU Kosher
  • Sugar, cocoa butter, dried gluten-free oat powder, cocoa mass, dried rice powder, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin) and vanilla extract.
  • Balance, Couvertures

Product Details

This plant-pased 43% chocolate couverture produced  from  a mix  of Fino de  Aroma cocoa beans mixed the flavour of our fine chocolates crafted at origin with all the oat natural benefits. It has seweet aroma, medium cocoa notes, low bitter flavour, hints of caramel, and cereal-like notes delivering a creamy texture. 

designed for moulding, filling or decorating, and to make deserts and more.

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FAQ’s to our Plant-based Chocolates

Is our OAT M!LK Chocolate Gluten Free?

Yes, as you may know chocolate on its purest form does not contain gluten. All depends on the ingredients added on its recipe. We only use Gluten Free ingredients on our OATM!LK chocolate so feel free to try it!

Does it have the OU Kosher certification?

Yes, We are aware of the different cultures and beliefs of our consumers that is why our process and ingredients for this chocolate are Kosher certified.

Does OAT M!lk Chocolate contain any allergen?

Yes, this product may contain soy but it's not present as an ingredient. 

Why does it have rice powder?

We have found the best ingredients to replace milk successfully, one of these being the rice powder which enhance the texture of our OATM!LK chocolate to make it more creamy.


Our Oat M!lk chocolates are suitable for vegan consumption as they don't have milk or animal-originated ingredients. However, they are not categorized as "Dairy-Free", as they may contain traces of milk. This is because the chocolate is produced in the same equipment as other chocolates in our portfolio. In order to manage cross-contamination we have in place a thorough HACCP Allergen control plan.


It tempers as dark chocolate since the oat doesn’t have any extra fat as dairy milk does while maintaining a creamy texture.